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Open to guests from Monday through Saturday.


TELEPHONE: +34 948 646263

RESERVATION SCHEDULE: 9,00 - 14,00 h / 15,30 - 19,00h (Fridays from 9.00 to 14.00h)

LOCATION: Ctra. de Logroño - Mendavia, Km 92 - 31230 Viana - SPAIN

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Recognize the results of history. The itinerary begins at the very moment when we reach the estate and admire its cellars, finding out about its secrets while drifting on its grounds. During this first visit we will discover that learning about the history of our estate means learning about the ancestral origins of wine culture.

Discover our knowhow. After appreciating the fruits of nature, we will show how to this tradition -passed on from father to sons, we have added the most sophisticated technology in order to make the best wines possible. We will learn the meaning of words such as maceration and tannins…. And we will visit our winemakers’ magic lab.

Become time’s ally. Once we reach the ageing room, we will be surprised by the quietness, the rest and the silence of time passing by. And breathing and savouring a selection of samples of French and American oak wood, we will discover the difference between them and the flavours with which these wood types contribute to our range of wines.

Enjoy our wines. At last, the moment of truth. In the shop we will have the chance of taking part in a guided tasting where we will learn how to track down wine’s nuances, surely bound to seduce our senses.

Savour our food and wine pairing. The time to share finally arrives, the time to enjoy the most exquisite food and wine pairings for the most demanding palates. At the estate restaurant, our chefs select the best season products and offer us a delicious matching with a careful choice of our range of wines.


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