Rioja Vega’s commitment for quality

One of Rioja Vega’s main objectives since 2009 has been to embrace all necessary aspects so as to certify our sustainability. Bearing this goal in mind, all economic, environmental and social areas, including activities, products and services, are being exhaustively controlled in a process of continuous improvement, in order to offer our customers an added guarantee and an uninterrupted improvement of the quality, usefulness and credibility. Among our several achievements are the worldwide food security certificates, BRC and IFS.

We are also working on environmental policies to fulfil the certificate requisites of the carbon dioxide traceability and the life cycle of our products along the whole process, and so also obtain the Globalmap certificate of our vineyards next 2012. In addition, with regards to sustainability, we are producing a GRI report including all organisational areas (Food Security, Quality, Environment, Security in the Workplace…).

We will keep working on the sustainability of our activities in order to fulfil the objectives which we have set ourselves for 2012.


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