The vineyards of Rioja Vega. Time for sowing, growing, ripening, harvesting… time

Our seventy hectares of Tempranillo, Garnacha and Graciano grapes are located in an outstanding wine growing area: clay-calcareous soil poor in organic matter, nutrients and mineral salts, with an abundance of pebbles, remains of alluvium and gravel that provide drainage and optimum water retention, and a cracked rock subsoil that means the vine has to seek out additional support that favours a balance in terms of the fruit’s components.

To this is added an optimum Atlantic climate with singular continental touches as a result of the winds of winters that are not too cold and mild summers. Moreover, the major temperature contrast in summer between day and night gives rise to an increase in polyphenols, a factor associated with wines of excellent quality. High density predominates in production of Rioja Vega, by seeking a great number of smaller grapes and total control over the vegetative process using ICT information and management systems.


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