A wine made from Rioja Vega’s winemaker’s deep knowledge of our terroir: Esperanza Elías’ most personal wine.

Grape varieties



The decision of the selection and harvest of the grapes was made directly on the plots. Some of the bush vineyards are over 50 years old.

Winemaking Process

Both the harvest and the fermentation of the two grape varieties were carried out separately, each one of them at their ideal ripeness level and according to specific fermentation conditions. Punching-down and cap-of-skins techniques were used for a better extraction.

After devatting, a double racking took place and malolactic fermentation was made in nine French oak barrels.

This wine was subsequently aged on its lees in oak barrels for nine months, and underwent regular battonâges following different sequences.

The coupage was made right before harvest 2014, after which the wine returned to barrels. This wine has been clarified and stabilized in a natural way, without the aid of adjuvants or forced stabilizations. Therefore, possible precipitations might appear, not altering the wine’s organoleptic characteristics in any way.


Deep cherry red, clean and bright.


Complex and intense aromas, hints of eucalyptus and minerals on a basis of toffee notes from the barrel ageing.


Full and ample from the very attack, lively and with a good structure and notes of eucalyptus. The soft aftertaste reveals toast flavours. A pleasant and warm memory lingers on.


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