A fresh rosé, with an attractive pink colour and intense red fruit flavours.

Grape varieties

Tempranillo 100%


This wine derives from over 70 hectares of vineyard belonging to the wine cellar in Viana. Criteria regarding quality, moderation in terms of production and the search for the greatest number of smaller bunches of grapes have been paramount when planting our vineyards. Therefore, the plantation density in our vineyard is very high (4,000 plants per hectare according to a plantation framework of 2.5 x 1 metre), low-vigour rootstocks have been selected, piping has been laid on trellises with a high level of vegetation and a complete irrigation system using the drip method has the same time maintaining a certain level of water stress.

Winemaking Process

A wine made by direct devatting from the Tempranillo tanks following cold maceration lasting approximately 10 hours. Alcoholic fermentation for 20 days with constant temperature controls, without exceeding 16ºC at any time. No malolactic fermentation is carried out.


Brilliant raspberry red colour.


Fresh, fruity varietal bouquet.


Fresh, well rounded mouthfeel with good balance.

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A fresh Rosé, perfect for summer evenings.

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