The Tempranillo Blanco and the Tempranillo Tinto are blended in this fine Rosé made with the utmost care.

Grape varieties

Tempranillo Tinto
Tempranillo Blanco


Red Tempranillo planted on bush vines at 462 meters altitude, over 30 years old, on clay and limestone soils. White Tempranillo planted 8 years ago on well balanced soils, both are rain fed vineyards.

Winemaking Process

The grapes are kept at a low temperature from the very harvest, to the extraction of the must. Once in the cellars, both the grapes of the Tempranillo Tinta and of the Tempranillo Blanca undergo a brief pre-fermentative cold maceration. This is such a short time, that there is barely contact of the must with the skins. This process di-fferences this from the traditional saignée rosés. Then, the must is carefully decanted and a 25-day alcoholic fermentation follows at a maximum temperature of 15.5ºC


Bright and pale, slightly satin pink.


A delicate wine with hints of white owers on the nose.


Expressively fresh on the palate, with a good acidity.


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A rosé made with white and red Tempranillo grapes. Two’s company!

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